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There is no better time or place to enjoy a full-flavoured glass of wine. If you are from Canada, you don’t have to go overseas for a wine break. Just leave your name, e-mail address and phone number and one of our experts will contact you shortly to help you choose from our great variety and special offers.

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We are proud to treat our respected clients as partners and refined wine connaisseurs and we are eager to respond to their educated needs. We take great care of our customers’ preferences, so we can always address their exquisite tastes. Together, we are the "Lead Generation", that is why we cherish our close relationship and we are always at your disposal with a team of great consultants ready to explore your passion for wine and translate it into new trends.
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Awards and Medals

We love anything that is old: old friends, old times, old books, but there is nothing growing older as perfect as wine. That is why we, at Budureasca, respect and follow the tradition since the beginning of this art.
They call it the drink of warriors, but we simply call it Budureasca. It has its roots deeply sank in our history and culture and these hills are keeping its traces back to the most ancient human presence in this area. Even the greatest Greek poet Homer mentions it in his writings, while he speaks about “the Greek warriors conquering Thrace to find wine”.
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More about us

“My philosophy? When it comes for quality, there is no room for compromise” – Steven Donnelly states.

The international wine specialist with over 30 years of experience, Stephen Donnelly is also known as Flying Winemaker or Wine Trouble Shooter. He started his career in Napa Valley and he created awarded wines in England, Hungary, South Africa, India and Romania. For more than 10 years, he creates exceptional wines for Budureasca, with over 70 golden and silver medals at prestigious international contests like Rose du Monde, Mondial du Merlot, Mondial de Bruxelles or The International Wine Challenge.

From this joined experience we learned to pay attention to details, so we take great care of everything in the process, from the ultimate technology we use, to the way we designed the most modern wine cellar in Romania: three of its sides are buried into the hills we are growing our most valued vineyards not only to fit it into the landscape, but also to ensure the perfect temperature control for our wines.